Aaron Wright


Aaron is a vibrant DJ and entertainer who thrives on using music to unite people and create memorable experiences. He has a diverse performance background, including amateur acting and singing in community theater productions and a decade of involvement in summer camps. Aaron sees every moment as an opportunity to perform and create a lively, fun-filled atmosphere.

For Aaron, DJing is more than just a job—it’s a way to connect with people and make their special day even more unforgettable. He loves meeting new people and sharing in their celebrations. And with his infectious energy and boundless enthusiasm, he’s sure to bring the party to life every time.

When he’s not spinning tracks, Aaron can be found teaching middle school Spanish, rehearsing for his next community theater musical, playing Elden Ring, or simply relaxing with his husband Trenton and their cats, Arbee and Sandy.

Aaron Wright Headshot


Best music for…

Working out: Broadway Musicals- Right now its La Cage Aux Folles

Road Trips: Ben Folds, because he’s the most sing-along-able

On a Boat: Sufjan Stevens, because I want a peaceful float

Party Jams: Whatever Spotify gives me, honestly.

If there were no requests and the dancefloor was packed, what would you be playing?
If it’s packed with a bunch of people I know, it would be anything from the mid 2000’s club hip-hop era, or one of the pop punk powerhouses of the 2000’s. 

Why do you live in Northern Michigan and what do you enjoy about the area?
My husband is from the area, we live next to Lake Michigan (which is my dream situation), and the community is so kind and lively. I enjoy being a part of the community theater in town, being in nature, reading, garden work, traveling, and meeting new people.


Headshots by Tyler Franz