Brian’s life has been immersed with music from a young age. From learning percussion in middle school band he quickly transitioned to playing the drum set and performed with bands throughout high school and college. He holds an Associates Degree of Science and Arts in music and audio engineering from Northwestern Michigan College and also studied electronic music production for a year at Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Brian’s passion for DJing was sparked by a friend’s introduction to the art. With his extensive music background, he was able to quickly learn his way around the decks, and has been DJing professionally since 2015.

Brian’s music knowledge spans many genres but when left to his own devices you will find him spinning EDM and hip hop. Through creative mixing and curated music selection he can bring high energy to any dancefloor. He finds it very rewarding to be able to connect with couples and help curate the music for their wedding day that ultimately leads to a huge dance party.

When he’s not behind the decks Brian enjoys golf, climbing, kayaking and snowboarding.

Headshots by Tyler Franz