Dan has been DJing professionally since 2012. He first started DJing during a Northern Michigan summer in between semesters teaching English in Spain. Introduced to DJing by his best friend and now business partner, Scott, he began DJing at parties and weddings. After being dragged to a couple music festivals and electronic shows, Dan was drawn to the way music can be rearranged or presented in refreshed ways to bring new excitement to old favorites.

Dan’s fondest memories are tied up in music; from family road trip soundtracks, pump up jams for running cross country, the iconic MSU college party playlists, to the music playing at his own wedding, and all the quiet moments in between. Music can communicate in ways words can’t, and being able to lead people through moments and emotions by playing and mixing music is why he loves to DJ.

When not working, Dan spends time with his family in the woods or on the lake.

Headshots by Tyler Franz