Hunter Ansell


Hunter’s love for music started at an early age when he was introduced to music theory through piano lessons and later played the trumpet in his middle school band. Hunter’s passion for discovering new music led him to become obsessed with DJing, and when asked if he was interested in the profession with 2Bays, he jumped at the opportunity.

As a wedding DJ, he enjoys meeting new people and celebrating with them while being able to express himself creatively. He always looks forward to seeing the newlyweds having fun with their friends and family on the dance floor. Hunter’s musical taste and knowledge is diverse and spans across multiple genres, but he particularly enjoys Latin House, Afro-Beats and Hip-Hop. 

When he’s not DJing, Hunter enjoys spending time with his family, hiking, visiting local breweries and working on their hobby farm.


Best music for…

Working out: Golden Era Hip Hop

Road Trips: Latin House

On a Boat: Afro-Beats

Party Jams: 2000’s Hip Hop

If they released doves when you entered a packed room, what song would be playing? Back to Life by Soul II Soul

Why do you live in Northern Michigan and what do you enjoy about the area?
Northern Michigan is where I met my wife, and we are excited to raise our family in the area. I love the easy access to water and being able to explore the woods that surround us. 


Headshots by Tyler Franz