What is Silent Disco?

A silent disco event eliminates the need for loud speakers. The wireless headsets bring a personalized experience to the user allowing them to choose one of up to three channels of music.

The best way to experience a silent disco is with three DJs. Either have them battle for the crowds attention or have each DJ play a different genre in order to keep a diverse crowd happy.

While “three is a party” you can still have a successful silent disco with just one DJ. Give your guest another option or two with custom playlists running on the other channels.

Not So Silent Disco

While there isn’t any amplified sound, the personalized headphone experience results in a lot of singing and dancing like no one is watching. If you’ve been to a silent disco event chances are you know what we’re talking about.

Check out this video from Up North Pride where we had three DJs battling and the green channel is really feeling it.

Create a Party Anywhere

Pop up a silent disco party at a park, in the woods, on a beach or in the street. The options are endless. The one hundred yard radius of our silent disco headsets allow your guests to wander without missing a thing.

We have partnered with Nature several times to throw some great silent disco parties in the woods. Check out the video below to get some inspiration for your silent disco event.

Photos by Vafa Photography