Travis Sattler


Travis, a Traverse City native and dynamic DJ, is passionate about creating unforgettable experiences through music. He has been DJing since 2014 and before that his friends referred to him as the human iPod as he could tell you the name of a song within the first few seconds.

At the DJ booth, Travis is happiest when making people happy and creating unforgettable nights they’ll never forget. He thrives on connecting with people and sharing in their celebrations. He is particularly fond of the moment when he gets to introduce the newlyweds at the reception to a thunderous roar, and his talent for mixing music together ensures that the dance floor stays packed all night long.

When he’s not behind the DJ booth, Travis can be found exploring Northern Michigan’s natural wonders. He enjoys swimming, hiking, kayaking, and rock hunting. He’s also a talented 3D animator who enjoys bringing his creative vision to life. 


Best music for…

Working out: House

Road Trips: DJ Sets

On a Boat: Rock & Roll

Party Jams: Diplo

If they released doves when you entered a packed room, what song would you be playing? When Doves Cry by Prince

If you were walking away from an explosion without looking at it, what song would be playing? Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen

Headshots by Tyler Franz