Alex Gusler


Alex’s passion for music started with drumming, which he has been doing for almost two decades now. He pursued his passion for music by attending Michigan State University and graduating with a degree in Music Performance. It wasn’t until after college in 2012 that Alex started exploring the world of DJing. It was the similarity between DJing and drumming that initially sparked his interest – both rely heavily on rhythm. It didn’t take him long to pick up the skills necessary to start his professional DJ career.

Alex is great at reading the crowd and pulling from his diverse knowledge of music to play something for everyone. He loves being able to make people dance and puts 100% effort into ensuring everyone is having the time of their lives on the dance floor.

 When Alex is not DJing, he can be found lifting weights, running, doing jigsaw puzzles, playing video games, reading, watching podcasts, and taking power naps.
Alex Gusler Headshot


Best music for…

Working out: Progressive Metal, Hip Hop, or Tech House

Road Trips: House Music, 90’s Rock/Pop Punk

On a Boat: House Music (again)

Party Jams: The Hip Hop BBQ Spotify Playlist

What interaction or even at a wedding do you look forward to?
As odd as it sounds, the last song of the night. I’ve seen mosh pits, sing-along circles, conga lines, the bride and groom lifted up on chairs, and much more. When the lights come on and everyone has danced their heart out, I know I’ve played my part in making that night one that most won’t forget.

Why do you live in Northern Michigan and what do you enjoy about the area? 
I grew up here, moving north from New Mexico in 1995.  My favorite part about the area is the easy access to a variety of nature, from hikes to sand dunes to endless amounts of forest. 


Headshots by Tyler Franz